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Do you have a parade of ants marching through your home?
Are you concerned you might have termites in your building?
Get your ant problem under control with Preventa Pest Solutions available throughout the Perth meto area.

Affordably priced experienced, professional, best ant control services company based in Perth’s northern suburbs, controlling ant infestations safely Perth wide. Removal of pest ants by carrying special poison bait to ant nests. Family and pet safe ant eradecation service Perth.

We are an established and certified pest control service business in Perth which can get rid of any variety of ants from your Perth home.

Why are there ants in my Perth home?

There are many reasons why you might have an infestation of ants in your home or business, below is a list of the most common types of ants we are called into manage. We remove all types of ants by locating, treating and dismantling the nest.

What type of Perth ant infestation problem?

Argentine Ant: This is an introduced species of ant native to South America. A small brown ant that follows food trails long distances with a preference for sweet things. Argentine ants are likely to be the ones trailing across your kitchen bench.

Black House Ant: Black, shiny, and slightly larger than the Argentine ant, as the name suggests this native species thrives in houses and can often be found around the kitchen or in the garbage.

Fire Ant: This is a stinging ant and as the name suggests, a sting from a fire ant produces a painful sensation similar to being burned. These ants are a coppery brown and tend to be found in the garden. A fire ant nest is a distinctive mound nest which can be up to 40cm in height.

Garden Ant: A large, shiny black ant found in gardens across Perth. This ant produces no sting and tends to follow trails around sweet food.

Odorous House Ant: This is another type of small brown or black ant which likes to cohabit with humans. This ant like sugary foods as well as pet food. It is easy to identify this ant as it produces a coconut smell when crushed.

White Ant (Termite): A homeowner’s nightmare, these are small white ants which feed off dead plant matter and can cause serious structural damage to your home. The presence of termites is often concealed as they feed from inside the wood but tell-tale signs of white ants include shelter tubes (light brown, narrow tubes around 10mm in width) across walls and foundations, subterranean tunnels in soil, earthen packing on foundation walls and in some cases a noises made by the soldier ants tapping on wood. If you see or suspect you have termites contact us immediately.

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