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Got a house full of creepy crawlies? Preventa Pest Solutions will fix your spider problem in Perth. Hire our Perth spider control experts to remove spiders from you home or workplace.

There is something about spiders which many people find unsettling; whether it’s the erratic way they move, their strange appearance or their prominence in so many gothic books and movies, spiders have never been the most popular house guest.

At Preventa Pest Solutions our professional pest removalists take care of both poisonous spide and nonvenomous spider infestations.

Why do I have spiders in my Perth home?

In short, because your home is dry, quiet, and full of bugs. Many species of spider like to build their web in quiet, dark places where there aren’t too many draughts and they won’t be disturbed; most buildings fir all of these criteria. Perhaps most crucially, spiders go where there is abundant prey, and the average home accommodates thousands of bugs and insects. Wherever there are people there are insects, and wherever there are insects there are bound to be spiders.

Are Perth dangerous?

Some spiders are venomous, and indeed, Perth Australia is home to some of the most poisonous spiders in the world. Perth is home to several types of venomous spiders including the white tail, red back, and black house spider varieties and almost every building in and around the city of Perth will have at least one of these dwelling somewhere but if you find yourself encountering them repeatedly, you probably have a spider infestation.

The majority of household spiders are not poisonous. In fact spiders help keep bug populations in check. Indeed, even most poisonous spiders are unlikely to bite unless provoked (i.e. if you stick your hand into their web or step on them) and don’t need to be removed unless they are appearing in large numbers.

How can I get rid of spiders in Perth?

Generally speaking, pesticides are only a short term solution for spiders and are only a useful solution if you have an infestation or are seriously concerned about the short term welfare of your children and pets. Our professional expert Perth spider removalists are fully certified and will safely and efficiently kill spiders in your household or business but inevitably, some spiders will return.

How do I keep spiders away?

Regular housekeeping is the best way to keep spiders at bay. Things like regular sweeping and dusting to remove cobwebs will keep the population to a minimum. In addition to this, performing regular garden maintenance such as pruning vegetation, caulking openings, as well as keeping wood stacks and any debris away from your home will also reduce the number of spiders entering.

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